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It has now been nearly 2 years since the launch of my website I and thought it was due a revamp based on what I have liked about the site and what is appearing to be more useful to people.

I initially envisioned this site being a place where people could come and get answers to things they want to know and also a place where they could see a possibility in doing or being what they desire to be deep down inside. I have decided to remove the sale of items for now as I do not believe that this is a great need but will highlight that specific items I do have for sale on my ebay platform.

I had started to get a few blogs created but with the events of 2020 I seemed to have had my attention diverted to other places and additionally a lot has happened in my life since this sites inception. I want this site to serve a purpose and based on the feedback I have received it is a place that is of use but I must build upon that if it is to be of great service.

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What will this site provide?

I want this eventually to be a site that people can frequent for information, videos and advice on recommended products. Through time and dependant on use and success of use, I hope to expand the services offered. Like any new venture the start is always exciting but challenging, however if there are any generous contributors out there donations to maintain the site would be greatly received.

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"BE YOURSELF.....everyone else is taken" - Oscar Wilde

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - Dalai Lama

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